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Whistleblowing Policy

Last updated: 10th January 2024

At Arriba, we firmly believe in fostering a culture of integrity and transparency. Our whistleblowing policy is designed to empower our employees to voice significant concerns internally, rather than ignoring a problem or seeking external channels to 'blow the whistle'. We recognise that our employees are frequently the first to identify potential issues or misconduct within the organisation. Nevertheless, there's a tendency to remain silent due to feelings of loyalty to colleagues or the company itself. This policy aims to assure our team that raising these concerns is not only supported but is a direct reflection of their commitment to Arriba's ethical standards and success.


Arriba is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of openness, integrity, and accountability. In alignment with this commitment, we encourage our employees, as well as other stakeholders we interact with, to come forward and express any serious concerns they may have about any aspect of our organisation's operations. We believe in creating an environment where voicing such concerns is seen as a key component of our collective responsibility and commitment to ethical business practices.


This policy is applicable to every member of the Arriba team, encompassing all employees regardless of their employment terms, which includes full time staff, part time staff, temporary personnel and freelancers. Additionally, it extends to contractors operating on the organisation's premises, such as freelancers. Suppliers and service providers under contract with Arriba are also included under this policy, ensuring comprehensive coverage across all areas of our operations.


Our policy is designed with specific goals to support the Arriba team:


Arriba acknowledges the challenge and gravity of deciding to report a concern. We want to assure you that if your report is made truthfully, you are acting in the best interests of both the organisation and our clients. In doing so, you are fulfilling a vital duty to your employer and those we serve.

We have a strict non-tolerance policy towards harassment or victimisation. Arriba is committed to taking appropriate measures to protect employees who, in good faith, come forward with concerns. Our priority is to ensure a safe and supportive environment for every member of our team who exercises their responsibility to report any misconduct.


Arriba treats all raised concerns with utmost confidentiality. We are committed to ensuring that your identity is protected if you choose to remain anonymous. However, there may be instances where you might be required to come forward as a witness during further investigations.

While we encourage you to attach your name to any concerns you raise, it is not mandatory. When you do decide to disclose your identity, it's crucial that you:

Arriba emphasises the importance of these principles to maintain the integrity and effectiveness of our whistleblowing process.

Reporting a Concern

When you're ready to report a concern at Arriba, the preferred initial approach is to either speak directly or write to your immediate manager. The nature and gravity of the issue at hand, however, might necessitate a different approach. Particularly in cases where you suspect that management might be involved in the malpractice, it is advisable to escalate the matter to a higher level of management.

In instances involving financial concerns, such as suspected irregularities in accounting or financial activities, it is mandatory to inform the Managing Director.

We encourage you to use these resources to ensure you receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout the whistleblowing process. Remember, Arriba is committed to addressing all concerns responsibly and promptly.