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2nd July 2024 - Chris Regan

Google Spam Update June 2024

Google has announced the release of the June 2024 spam update, which was rolled out to Google Search on June 20th and completed on June 27th.

Google's New June 2024 Spam Update

What is the June 2024 Spam Update?


Google has given very little information about what this update contains. In the announcement of the rollout, Google linked to its spam update documentation, which was last updated in March 2024.

The documentation does explain that Google occasionally makes notable updates to improve its systems such as training its AI-based spam prevention system with new types of spam.

Although little detail has been provided, Google has communicated what this update is not. They’ve said it isn’t linked to the large spam update we saw in March and it isn’t the automation site reputation abuse policy which is now being enforced manually and is expected to be made algorithmic at some point.

What Does This Mean?

So far, everything points towards this being a minor update that won’t require any changes to strategy, usually with more significant Google updates we’re provided with a more detailed announcement post that explains what’s inside the update and what it could mean for your website. Google will also provide documentation with any changes you may be required to make. With this update not having this, my initial thoughts are it’s nothing to note.

With Google updates, we normally see reports of turbulence from others in the SEO community; however, so far, we’ve not seen anyone report anything significant.

Final Thoughts

The June 2024 spam update is the first Google algorithm update since the big March 2024 core update. This update likely introduces a way to identify new spam techniques, but it’s still unclear which techniques these are, as we’ve not had any reports of an impact yet.


Google Search Status Dashboard

Google's Spam Update Documentation

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